John Horace and Molly Goss arrived in Magudu in 1921. Bringing there young family from New Zealand by way of Kenya to settle on Oasis. A keen hunter and progressive farmer, JH established a productive cattle, sheep, cotton and game farm, starting a five generation legacy. 
JH and Molly’s only remaining son, Alan, took over the farming and became one of best beef farmers in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal.
Ian followed in the family tradition, but his passions were predominantly in hunting and conservation.
He established the only Professional Hunting Academy in Kwa-Zulu Natal, training multiple men and women in this age old pursuit, imparting his vast knowledge of ethical hunting and conservation.
Today the ranch is predominantly game farming but remains a productive enterprise.
Waiting in the wings is the fifth generation, Scott and Brendan Goss Lawrence have shown a keen interest in the industry and are both accomplished hunters with bow and rifle. Supported by their cousins Andrew and Alex Michaelides the future of the legacy is strong.
Our hope is that we can continue this family enterprise with the passion and enthusiasm of our forefathers that were brave enough to tackle this challenging continent.